Water Dispenser with Lickometer

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The Water Dispenser delivers water to mice or rats on demand. It features an input trigger control for timing and volume adjustment. A lickometer allows for the measurement of the number of licks done by the animal and the estimation of the water intake.

The pump comes with a software for digital control, a PsychoPy plugin, and a serial commands list. This device is very easy to integrate to your experimental setup. Researchers can program and automate water delivery protocols effortlessly, streamlining their research process.


Our versatile device offers three convenient modes of operation, providing researchers with greater flexibility in their experiments. The programmed sequence can be triggered by an external signal, allowing seamless integration with existing experimental setups and protocols. Additionally, researchers can fully control the device through a digital signal, enabling direct action on the pump. Furthermore, the pump supports a serial command mode, allowing researchers to trigger the specified sequence using serial commands from our software or our PsychoPy plugin. With these advanced features, our device empowers researchers to explore new avenues of investigation in their studies with ease and accuracy.

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