Behavioral Studies

Researchers can save time and resources by ordering the machined, pre-assembled and tested Low Friction Rodent Driven Belt Treadmill from Janelia group. Optionally, the treadmill can be mounted on Labeotech’s Mouse Head Fixation System. The treadmill can be motorized with a motor in order to facilitate training.

This ergonomic head restrainer will keep the animal comfortable and offers exceptional stability. Simple thumbscrews allow you to release or secure the animal within seconds with our custom titanium bars (sold separately).

The behavioral lever, with force perturbation, measures the lever position and can apply a programmable force that will move the lever out of the reward zone.

Voluntary head-fix system that produce hundreds of hours of  brain imaging data per month without user interaction. This type of device reduce handling Bias

The Behavioral Task Device (BTD) is a fully integrated system that allows visual and audio stimuli to be presented to a head fixed animal.

This water dispenser can deliver a small volume of water to a fastened and awake mouse. It features an input trigger control for timing and volume control. A lick detector output allows measuring the number of licks done by the mouse and estimate the mouse’s water intake.

The Air Puff Whisker Stimulator is designed specifically for small animal research by Labeo Technologies, featuring serial command and a dedicated Psychopy plugin. This innovative device offers precise and adjustable whisker stimulation, allowing researchers to conduct experiments with unparalleled accuracy.