User-friendly technology tools to simplify the work of biomedical researchers

The Modular Optical Imaging System (OiS200) can perform Intrinsic Optical Imaging, Fluorescence Imaging and Speckle Imaging. 

The Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) Acquisition System is an ideal low cost solution for in vivo studies of brain activity in behaving or anesthetized rodents.

The Serial Blockface Histology Platform enables serialized three-dimensional histology of ex vivo tissues, such as rodent brains or small animal arteries. It is compatible with optical coherence tomography (OCT & PS-OCT), confocal fluorescence microscopy and many more.

The in vivo Bioluminescence, Epi-Fluorescence and Trans-Fluorescence imaging system (OiS300) is highly sensitive, customizable and can perform 3D visualisation.

This instrument performs single photon counting on 2 independent channels, each including a constant fraction discriminator and a time to digital converter. Easy setup and increased price-performance ratio with a user-friendly software.

A generic imaging system containing a 200 MHz 14-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and 8 multiplexed inputs. Any custom ultrasound transducer array can be used. 

One instrument integrating multiple physiology monitoring functions in a small platform: increase the precision of monitoring during experiments at a lower cost, size and without the hassle of multiple wires. Save cost, installation time and space with our fully integrated platform.

The SpO2 and Heart Rate Monitoring System is an instrument measuring the oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate. The objective behind this instrument is to make surgery and other manipulations on small animals under anesthesia a lot easier.

The ECG & Respiration Gating System is intended to eliminate motion variability in rapid imaging system, such as ultrasound, by gating imaging on ECG QRS and respiration.

Researchers can save time and resources by ordering the machined, pre-assembled and tested Low Friction Rodent Driven Belt Treadmill from HHMI’s Janelia Research Campus. LabeoTech is pleased to possess a license for Janelia’s design and is also offering a range of optional accessories designed to complement the device. Indeed, the treadmill can be equipped with a head fixation system and/or it can be motorized to facilitate training. Also, a software (Windows/Mac compatible) is provided to display the speed and distance of the treadmill and save them in .csv format. The treadmill is also fully compatible with PsychoPy.

This ergonomic head restrainer will keep the animal comfortable and offers exceptional stability, for 2 photon and OCT imaging, among others. Simple thumbscrews allow you to release or secure the animal within seconds with our custom titanium bars available here. In addition, the device allows you to adjust the body height in order to release pressure on the spine and neck depending on the animal’s age and size. The device comes with a 40 mm clear acrylic tube. The head restrainer is pre-mounted on a 150 x 150 mm metric breadboard (M6 taps) and can be solidly fixed to any existing system. Behavioral or sensorial equipment can be mounted on the same breadboard to save space and time for experimental setup.

The Air Puff Whisker Stimulator delivers controlled air puffs to mices’ whiskers, ensuring consistent and reliable results. It features an input trigger control for timing. Researchers can easily customize the intensity of the stimulation to match their experimental requirements, thanks to the adjustable settings.

The device is also compatible with other rodents, such as rats.

The pump comes with a software for digital control, a PsychoPy plugin, and a serial commands list. This device is very easy to integrate to your experimental setup. Researchers can program and automate stimulation protocols effortlessly, streamlining their research process.

The Water Dispenser delivers a small volume of water to head fixed awake mice. It features an input trigger control for timing and volume adjustment. A lick detector output allows measuring the number of licks done by the mouse and estimate the water intake.

The device is also compatible with other rodents, such as rats.

The pump comes with a software for digital control, a PsychoPy plugin, and a serial commands list. This device is very easy to integrate to your experimental setup. Researchers can program and automate water delivery protocols effortlessly, streamlining their research process.

The Behavioral Task Device is a fully integrated visual stimulation and reward system. It is based on the widely used PsychoPy package and will display visual patterns to a small head fixed animal. The protocol can be programmed using the intuitive PsychoPy user interface.

The behavioral lever is intended for fine motor tasks. It cam measure the lever position and apply a programmable force that will move the lever out of the reward zone. It can be used with our Air Puff Whisker Stimulator and our Water Dispenser for reward or punition, or it can be controlled through a 5V TTL interface or a serial interface. A PsychoPy plugin is also available. The system is compatible with our treadmill, our mouse head fixation system, and our automatic home cage system.

Voluntary head-fix system that produce hundreds of hours of  brain imaging data per month without user interaction. This automated device reduce handling bias for neuroscience imaging.

The Air Puff Whisker Stimulator is designed specifically for small animal research by Labeo Technologies, featuring serial command and a dedicated Psychopy plugin. This innovative device offers precise and adjustable whisker stimulation, allowing researchers to conduct experiments with unparalleled accuracy.

Flash generator for electroretinogram (ERG) measurements. Short, high power pulse can be achieved using this unit.

The Ganzfeld ERG Device seamlessly integrates with Labeo Technologies’ VFS200 Visual Flash Stimulator, providing a comprehensive solution for in-depth retinal analysis and research. Explore retinal function with confidence and efficiency using the Ganzfeld ERG Device in conjunction with Labeo Technologies’ VFS200.

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