Rotarod for mice

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LabeoTech’s rotarod system for mice serves as a foundation for motor impairment assessment. The device features:

Advanced Sensor Technology: Cutting-edge sensor, to provide precise motor function assessment.

Custom Rod Materials: Customizable rod materials to accommodate diverse research needs, offering flexibility in experimental design.

User-Friendly Software Interface: Real-time monitoring, and efficient data export (.csv).

Variable Rod Diameters and Shape: Enable interchangeable rod diameters to cater to different mouse sizes and experimental protocols, ensuring adaptability.

Enhanced Safety Features: Emergency stop mechanism and automatic shutdown to prioritize the safety of experimental subjects.

Enhanced Durability and Maintenance: Durable and simple to maintain equipment.

Effortless transition between different rod types in mere minutes with LabeoTech’s rotarod system, enhancing the efficiency of your experiments, allowing for swift adjustments based on specific research requirements.

First, LabeoTech’s rotarod system offers unparalleled flexibility, accommodating a diverse range of designs, from asymmetric missing step wheels to a simple plain rod. Researchers are empowered by this adaptability to customize the apparatus according to their experimental needs. This ensures optimal functionality across a range of motor impairment studies. Additionally, the system offers the option to construct and set up your own rods using a 3D printer. The system is supplied with 5 notched rods, each with a diameter of 3 cm. If you have a preference for different rods, kindly specify this in a note attached to your order.

Finally, create your sequences with our user-friendly interface, displayed below. Once programmed, LabeoTech’s rotarod system seamlessly operates without the need for a computer, offering convenience and independence in your experimental workflow.


Specification Value
Low noise <65 dB
Variable speed 1-60 RPM
Multiple mode Constant, ramp, reverse ramp, custom ramp and rocking.
Number of lanes 5 lanes
Fall height 16 cm
Rod width 5.8 cm
Rod Diameter 3 cm
Interchangeable rod Notched, staired, asymmetric missing steps, plain, pentagon