Mouse Head Fixation System

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This ergonomic head restrainer will keep the animal comfortable and offers exceptional stability, for 2 photon and OCT imaging, among others. Simple thumbscrews allow you to release or secure the animal within seconds with our custom titanium bars available here. In addition, the device allows you to adjust the body height in order to release pressure on the spine and neck depending on the animal’s age and size. The device comes with a 40 mm clear acrylic tube. The head restrainer is pre-mounted on a 150 x 150 mm metric breadboard (M6 taps) and can be solidly fixed to any existing system. Behavioral or sensorial equipment can be mounted on the same breadboard to save space and time for experimental setup.


  • 10 mm vertical travel to optimize animal comfort
  • Designed for mice
  • Fits our 25 mm headbars available here
  • 40 mm acrylic tube
  • Comes on a 150 X 150 mm metric breadboard (M6 taps)
  • Compatible with our 25 mm headbars available here. Contact us to design a custom holder for your headbars.

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