2 Channel Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) Module

This instrument performs single photon counting on 2 independent channels, each including a constant fraction discriminator and a time to digital converter.

Easy setup and increased price-performance ratio with a user-friendly software. Ideal for fluorescence lifetime imaging systems (FLIM).Compatible with both phosphorescence and fluorescence lifetime measurements. 

Control Unit
  • USB 3.0 port
  • Laser output synchronization (SMA)
  • 1 input start signal from the laser (SMA)
  • 2 input channels stop signal (SMA)
Constant Fraction Discriminator (CFD)
  • All 3 inputs (start and 2 stops) are equipped with a CFD
  • Sensitive to rising or falling edge
  • Software adjustable input threshold
  • Software adjustable CFD delay, fraction offset & fraction ratio
Time to Digital Converter (TDC)
  • <35ps rms time resolution
  • Measurement range from 0 to 2 ms
  • >1 million counts per second (at a sync rate of 10 MHz, equivalent to 10% count rate)
Acquisition software
  • User interface with configurable histogram, acquisition parameters control, automated acquisition protocols (e.g. start a 10 seconds acquisition every 15 minutes).
  • Raw data saved on disk for easy analysis in Matlab (count display, lifetime calculations) or other software.

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