Cut costs, installation time and space with our fully integrated platform.

Small Animal Monitoring Platform

One instrument integrating multiple physiology monitoring functions in a small platform: increase the precision of monitoring during experiments at a lower cost, size and without the hassle of multiple wires.

Save cost, installation time and space with our fully integrated platform. A single data/power cable connects to a small communication module with 4 analog outputs. Ideal for surgery, live electrophysiology or microscopy imaging with the integrated ear and tooth bars to stabilize the head of the animal.

Optional gas anesthesia mask or bain tube holder for an easy connection to an anesthesia machine. 2 versions available: Compact version for mice and neonatal rats (25 days old) and adult rats version. 


Integrated and Ergonomic

Save lab space and installation time. Compatible with multiple applications.

Performance-Price Ratio

Get more functionalities at a lower price.

Better Results

Get better results in your study with a reliable monitoring. 

Touch Screen Tablet

Easy data display and analysis of multiple physiological parameters.


Add flexibility in the lab with wireless data transfer.

Physiological Parameters

  • ECG
  • Respiration
  • Heart & Breath Rate
  • Warming & Temperature
  • Blood Pressure
  • SpO2
  • Exhaled CO2

This instrument is distributed worldwide by Harvard Apparatus.