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Screen Synchronization Device

USD$ 500.00

In stock. Lead time: 1 to 2 weeks.

This device allows to synchronize any monitor display with our imaging systems. The circuitry is optimized to starts an acquisition when the monitor goes from black to white. The gain is adjustable for various monitors and brightness settings.


  • Monitor brightness: 50 to 500 cd/m2.
  • Response time: < 10 ms
  • Low-pass filter: 50 Hz

What’s included:

  • Monitor sensor and cable.
  • Signal converter (analog and 5V digital output).
  • 2 included mounting options:
    • Adjustable clip for various monitor display.
    • Magnetic post to be installed on the ferromagnetic surface of the OiS200 imaging system (also compatible with Thorlabs clamping forks).
  • 12V power supply.
  • Power splitter to share the OiS200 power supply.