In Vivo Imaging System

The in vivo Bioluminescence, Epi-Fluorescence and Trans-Fluorescence imaging system (OiS300) is highly sensitive, customizable (excitation and emission filters) and can perform 3D visualisation.

Uses an EMCCD camera capable of photon counting for highly sensitive in vivo imaging.


High Sensitivity

One order of magnitude (10x) less noise than any other camera on the market (Nüvü Camēras).

3D Visualization

Trans-fluorescence enables depth reconstruction with far red and near infrared dyes. .

Performance-Price Ratio

Get more functionalities at a lower price.

Customizable Options

Select any excitation / emission filters.


  • Bioluminescence
  • Epi-Fluorescence
  • Trans-Fluorescence

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The PRISM in vivo imaging system was designed by Labeo Technologies and is sold worldwide by MediLumine. More Info Here