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ECG & Respiration Gating System

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The ECG & respiration gating system (GS4010) is intended to eliminate motion variability in rapid imaging system like ultrasound or optical imaging. This device can be used on small animals, such as mice, rats, guinea pigs and marmosets.

Accurate quantification in ultrasound often depends not only on having a great B-mode image but also on limiting movement within the field of view. ECG and respiration gating can pause the image at one specific time within the cardiac cycle and/or only acquire data when the animal is not actively breathing.

The system includes a 3.2 inch touch screen with signal display in a compact handheld format. The intuitive user interface is easy to use and modification of parameters is straightforward. 2 different visual feedback are available to the user: LED and signal display.



    • One 3.2 inch touch screen
    • Compact handheld dimensions (3″x 6″x 1″)
    • 3 external electrode connections (1.5 mm touchproof)
    • 3 BNC output
      • Amplified and filtered ECG signal
      • Amplified respiration signal
      • Gating 0-3.3V signal
    • 3 LEDs visual feedback


    • Fully integrated single-lead ECG
    • Common-mode rejection ratio: 80 dB
    • Integrated right leg drive
    • 10 kHz ECG
    • 500 Hz respiration
    • Heart and breath rate
    • 200 to 800 beats/min
    • 25 to 330 breaths/min
    • Calculated every second


      • Pulse width: 0.1 ms to 100 ms*
      • Delay between QRS and gating pulse: 0 ms to 100 ms*
      • 100 µs resolution

*Sum of pulse width and pulse delay must not exceed physiological frequency.

What’s included

      • ECG & Respiration Gating monitor
      • Storage cage
      • Stand
      • 3 external subdermal needle (1.5 mm touchproof)
      • 1 respiration sensor
      • 12 V power supply