Rodent Treadmill

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Compact benchtop treadmill for laboratory mice. It features a manual knob, and can also be controlled by a computer for programming running sequences. An adjustable air puff system (sold separately here) can encourage the mouse to run with less induced stress than a conventional electrical shock grid.


Commands USB serial through user interface
Sound Level <65 dB
Speed 0-1000 mm/s
Mode Constant, ramp (accelerating), multi-step personalized ramp through .csv
Slope ±15°
Animal Tracking Reflective IR
Results .csv with speed, position of mice (25Hz), and time of air puff trigger.
TTL Output Air puff trigger
Belt Dimensions 68 x 280 mm
Enclosed Lane Dimensions 55 x 280 mm with 50 mm grid (55 x 330 mm total)


dimensions of Compact Benchtop treadmill for micetop view of Compact Benchtop treadmill for mice

The treadmill’s clear walls facilitate pose estimation using camera-based algorithms such as DeepLabCut and SLEAP. By enabling precise posture tracking, researchers gain valuable insights into the motor condition of animals. This enhances the depth of information gathered during experiments.

side view of Compact Benchtop treadmill for mice with pose estimation, posture tracking 


Users can easily configure specific ramps and protocols on the compact benchtop treadmill for mice using the intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). Start and stop commands can be executed directly through the GUI, streamlining the experimental process. Users can conveniently save and load ramps for future use, ensuring consistency and efficiency in experimentation. Additionally, the ability to save animal positions along with current speeds facilitates further analysis, allowing for comprehensive data interpretation. Position estimation is built-in through reflective IR sensors, providing accurate tracking of the animal’s movements for enhanced research insights.

Intuitive user interface to control the treadmillResults : Mouse position and associated Speed

Finally, the compact benchtop treadmill for mice or small rodent plays a crucial role in biomedical research. It enables precise control of exercise protocols to study locomotion, motor function, and physiological responses. Accurate tracking and data collection enhance understanding of neurological and muscular conditions. Labeotech rigorously tests and calibrates products for optimal performance and reliability.