The Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) Acquisition System is an ideal low cost solution for in vivo studies of brain activity in behaving or anesthetized rodents. The fibered optical output makes it easy to use and a wide selection of lasers and filters are available.

Integrated & Ergonomic
Save lab space and installation time. Compatible with multiple applications

Modular System
Select your laser and filters among a wide selection

Better Results
Get better results in your study with reliable signals

Increased Performance-Price Ratio
Get more functionalities at a lower price


  • Pharmacology
  • Neural activity in behaving rodents
  • Molecular interaction studies
  • Glucose monitoring
  • Fluorescence readings combined to MRI

Laser Power1-1000 μW
Laser450 nm (for CFP/YFP)
Detector TypePMT (483 & 542 nm, for CFP/YFP)
Sample Rate1 kSamples/second
Optical Connection200 μm or 400 μm fiber
Electrical Connection12V
Other on request
Dimensions9″ X 8″ X 3″

This instrument is distributed worldwide by Rogue Research.

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